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St. Vincent DePaul Society

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The Society of St. Vincent DePaul offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis.  This personalized involvement makes the work of the Society unique. Aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service.


An essential precept of the Society’s work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served.


SVDP is always looking for more volunteers to help with their many outreach services.

If you would like to make donations to SVDP please mail your check, clearly labeled for SVDP, to the parish office.

Online giving has SVDP as an option too.

Contact Info

Contact the Society by calling (630) 708-2132


St. Vincent de Paul truck will be at St. Mary’s to accept clothes, shoes, linens, books, small housewares, small electronics and computers. If you have any large items or furniture you would like to donate, you can call or email and schedule a pick up at your home.

Thank you, St. Mary’s SVDP!!

Estaremos aceptando donaciones de ropa, zapatos, sabanas, libros, eléctronicos y computadoras pequeños. 

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