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Dec 12, 2021

Peace to you!

Back in the summer, Fr. Andy announced an exciting development for St. Mary parish that we hope will help us to be formed as disciples of Jesus Christ. He has formed a Parish Leadership Team, after the model of Amazing Parish. Amazing Parish is present within many parishes throughout the country, and its goal is to help create a culture of unceasing prayer, healthy teamwork and active discipleship.


Our desire is to invite you, the parishioners, into a relationship of unceasing and active discipleship in the parish. We invite you and want to empower you to grow in your faith and help make St. Mary parish a spiritual home for others. That is why after much prayer and discernment, Fr. Andy designated a Parish Leadership Team (PLT) who will help him with decisions that occur in all areas of parish life. The PLT serves as a support for him, by offering counsel regarding the direction of the parish, engaging in leadership roles within the parish, and helping to create a culture of unceasing prayer for the goal of active discipleship of all parishioners.


That being said, prayer is the foundation of any Christ centered ministry. Your PLT for the last five months has been praying weekly together for the parish. We ask God to pour out His Spirit on all of you, so that your hearts might be set on fire with love for Jesus. We also ask you to pray for us as we continue to grow as a leadership team, that our hearts might burn more ardently for Christ, and that through this endeavor, St. Mary parish might become a truly Amazing Parish!