Sacristan Ministry

What is a Sacristan?

A sacristan is described as a person who is responsible for the care, cleaning, and preparing of the sacristy and liturgical equipment and supplies necessary for the celebration of the Mass. A sacristy is a room in the church in which liturgical vestments and sacred vessels are kept.

  • A baptized Catholic in good standing

  • A registered member of St. Mary Parish

  • Self-motivated and possess the ability to follow through

  • Flexible and Priestly preferences regarding liturgy

  • Is able to find spiritual nourishment and enrichment within the ministry

  • Growing and wanting to understand the liturgy


Proper Dress Apparel for Men:

  • A nice collared shirt with khaki or dress pants are most appropriate


Proper Dress Apparel for Women:

  • Dress of skirts preferred-knee length or longer, dressy blouse, or shirt pants or pantsuit...Please nothing low-cut or revealing

Improper Dress Apparel for Both:

  • No jeans, shorts, tank tops, sweat pants, sweat shirts, and flip-flops or beach-type shoes



In ancient times, many of the sacristan's duties were performed by the doorkeepers. The decrials of Pope Gregory IX speak of the sacristan as of having as honorable office and that their principal duties were to care for the sacred vessels, vestments, etc.


Sacristan training is held for all new and existing sacristans from 9:30-10:30am in the new church on the first Saturday of each month. (See Parish Master Calendar for dates). Extra training dates may be needed for special or complicated liturgical celebrations.

Contact Info

Janet Strukel

Se Habla Espanol Jose Salas at 630-878-8532

The most notable sacristan was an 11th century man named Guy, later named a saint. St. Guy of Anderlecht was remembered for a zeal and passion for his job as sacristan and he is the patron saint of sacristans. Many legends are told about St. Guy, although they tell very little about the esteem in which sacristans were and still are held.


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