Parking Lot Mass

Welcome to the new age of Masses at St Mary!!!    For now at least.

Things are definitely different, but basically the same.  Let me explain.  You get up, get dressed and drive to St Mary.  Please enter the parking lot at Center St.  You will then be directed by wonderful volunteers to a specific location where you will park your car and wait for Mass to start.  The volunteers will ask you a few questions.  Most importantly, if anyone in your vehicle has a fever or is experiencing symptoms.  They will also ask the number of people receiving Communion today.  If someone in your party needs to receive a low-gluten host, you need to tell them that so that a low-gluten host can be consecrated and distributed to that person.

We have arranged our sound system so that you can listen live to Mass on your car radio tuned to St. Mary’s channel located on your FM dial at 105.7

Now you are ready for Mass as normal.  Oh wait except for receiving Holy Communion.  So let’s prepare.  After the priest receives the Eucharist, he will give Communion to the Extraordinary Ministers that will be distributing in the Parking Lot.  They will be wearing face coverings and face shields for both your and their protection.  When they have received and sanitized their hands, they will come to the parking lot. 

Communion ministers and parking lot attendants will pass on both sides of the rows of cars. The attendant’s job is to make certain all in the car have their face coverings securely in place, and spray sanitizer on everyone’s hands.  One attendant will be on each side of your car.  If you have a back row of seats that cannot be reached without the door being opened, please open the door or window so the Extraordinary Minister doesn’t have to enter your vehicle.  If you bring your own sanitizer, just let the attendant know and you will be ready.  

As the Minister of Communion approaches your car, hold out your hand to accept the Eucharist, remove one side of your mask and immediately consume the host.  Put your mask securely back in place. Please leave the radio on 105.7 through the Communion process so you can finish the Mass. 


God bless you and thank you for coming to Mass.  We hope receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist was a long awaited, but well received experience for you.  We certainly hope to see you again next week. 


Bullet Points:

  • If you or any member of your family is experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or is feeling ill, please stay at home.

  • Arrive through Center Street 30 minutes before Mass.

  • Follow the parking attendants to your parking spot.  

  • Answer these questions:

    • Is anyone in your party sick today?

    • How many people will be receiving Jesus today?

    • If anyone requires a low gluten host, inform the attendant.

  • Tune to 105.7 FM for the livestream Mass.

  • Participate at Mass as you always do. 

  • When the Ministers of Communion come outside, get ready to receive.

    • Put on your face covering.

    • Sanitize your hands.

    • Roll down windows and be ready to open doors if necessary. 

  • Hold hands out and an attendant will place hand sanitizer on them.

  • Hold your hand out to receive Jesus.

  • Remove one side of your face covering and consume the Eucharist.

  • Secure your mask back in place.

  • Continue listening to the radio and have a blessed day.

  • After Mass, please follow the directions of the parking lot attendants to exit the campus.

  • Remember Jesus is in you and your car as you drive home.  In other words, please be patient!

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Videos to help you prepare for the Eucharistic Celebration safely during these times