Dear Parish Family,


Praised be Jesus Christ!  


We're gearing up to come Back in His Presence as a parish family and, little by little, worship together around the one altar. Most of the following directives have been given to us by the Diocese. It is so important that we observe them faithfully with the greatest attention to detail as faithful citizens and as concerned neighbors. Of course, there will be inconveniences along the way for all of us. Thanks in advance for being patient and understanding. With great joy and hope, let us begin the incremental process of reopening our church and our parish life!


At this time, you may choose your adventure: participate in Mass by signing up to attend Mass in person, or continue to participate virtually via our YouTube live-stream. Each day, the 9 AM Mass will be live-streamed on our Facebook page. This practice will continue indefinitely.


If you choose to attend Mass in person, please make sure you're in good health. For the safety of everyone, anyone with a cough, fever, shortness of breath or who feels sick for any reason cannot participate in the public celebration of the Mass.



On Mondays through Saturdays, beginning Monday, 


On Sundays, beginning 


A maximum of ten (10) persons are allowed to attend any given Mass, excluding the priest and ministers. There will be no exceptions. (NOTE: there will be no altar servers nor lay persons executing any liturgical roles until further notice.)


The ten (10) spots will be available to the public on a first come, first served basis using the following sign-up methods:

  • By SignUpGenius (8 spots per Mass) – see sign-up link below

  • By Phone (2 spots per Mass) – Call 630-552-3448


Just like when you go online to get concert tickets, each Friday at Noon, one week of dates will be made available on SignUpGenius (below demonstrates this procedure):

  • Friday, at Noon – Mass dates for Monday are open and made available to the public

  • Friday, at Noon – Mass dates for Monday,  are open and made available to the public

  • Friday, at Noon – Mass dates for Monday, are open and made available to the public, etc.


To be clear, signing up to be one of the ten persons at public Mass will go live Friday,  at 12 Noon whether you sign up online or by phone.  No Mass reservations will be available before Friday, 12 Noon.


There will be specific guidelines outlined and enforced in the sign-up process, to include:

  • Initially, people will only be able to sign-up for one (1) Mass within a 30 day time frame, allowing others the opportunity to sign up.

  • Under no circumstances will walk-ins be allowed. Only persons/families who use our sign-up procedures and have a confirmed reservation for a specific Mass will be permitted to attend Mass.


If you sign-up for a Mass and are unable to attend for any reason, you are asked to actively remove your name from SignUpGenius OR the call list (whatever way you signed up) in order to make the spot available for someone else. You will not be allowed to verbally give your spot to another person. Again, only people listed in SignUpGenius and/or the call list will be permitted to enter.



All are asked to practice proper hygiene for everyone’s safety prior to arriving on campus. Upon arrival, the faithful are asked to:

  • Park in spaces so all vehicles are separated by a minimum of two (2) empty spaces.

  • Remain in your car until Door #1 of the church/circle drive is open.


These doors will be opened fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of Mass, allowing time for personal prayer before Mass, and remain open until five (5) minutes before the hour.  Once the outer church doors are locked at five (5) minutes before the hour, no one will be allowed to enter the building, regardless of their reservation status) This will be great practice to be on time for Holy Mass!

Once the doors are open, each person/family, wearing their mask(s), will check in and be asked a series of questions, to include:

  • Do you feel sick or are you experiencing a fever, cough or shortness of breath? (If yes, we must turn them away.)

  • In the past 14 days, have you been in close contact with a person confirmed or suspected to have the COVID-19 virus? (If yes, we must turn them away.)


We will also advise all persons/families “if you have any chronic medical condition, are over the age of 65, or considered to be in a vulnerable group for COVID-19, you are encouraged not to participate in Mass. It is your choice if you proceed.”


When a person/family is ready, they are escorted by an usher to our designated seating:

  • Seating will begin in the front pews, alternating sides, and progress back until all Mass participants are seated. Pews available for seating (every third pew) are marked as such.

  • You won't necessarily be able to sit in "your spot."

  • Person/family will be advised to enter their pew and sit in center section, designated by blue painter’s tape, so as to leave a safe distance of 6 feet between them/their family and the center and outside aisles. Families, while they will not have to socially distance in their pew, must adhere to sitting in the sections of the pew marked off by the blue painter’s tape. If all family members cannot fit in that section, additional family members will be escorted to the next available pew.


As other persons/families arrive for Mass, they will be advised to wait in the narthex, socially-distancing themselves 6 feet or more from the next person/family until an usher is available to seat them. 



Mass will begin ONLY WHEN all parties present are seated and in compliance with all safety measures to include, but not be limited to:

  • Limit of ten (10) persons present

  • Mask

  • Sitting only in marked sections of the designated pews (social distancing)

  • Any/all additional directives given by the ushers


During the Mass, there will be no sign of peace. In addition, as prescribed in the Roman Rite, but with added enforcement due to the current state of affairs, persons and families are asked not to hold hands during the Our Father. Lastly, there will be no gift procession.


When it is time for Communion, there will be only one (1) communion line formed in the center aisle, however, if you feel uncomfortable, you may choose not to receive Communion, but rather a spiritual Communion if desired. Ushers will dismiss pews one at a time, alternating left and right and ensuring social distancing, until all have received Communion. The following will be observed:

  • Only priests will distribute Communion.

  • For those who do decide to receive, each person will allow six feet distance in the communion line between themselves and the next person.

  • The faithful should have face coverings before coming forward for Holy Communion.

  • Holy Communion may not be distributed with gloves, nor may it be received in the hand if a member of the faithful is wearing gloves. Hand hygiene is effective against the virus. In these circumstances, gloves are not needed.

  • Until further notice or otherwise advised, there will be no receiving on the tongue; Communion will be distributed into the hand only.

  • Please do not come up for Communion as a family.  Only one person may approach the priest at a time.

  • The faithful are encouraged to use sanitizer after receiving Communion.



The faithful are advised, as always, but especially during this time of pandemic and prioritizing safe practices, to stay until the end of Mass, and wait to be dismissed by the usher.


Ushers will dismiss persons/families, by pew, allowing the maintenance of appropriate social distancing. Additionally, ushers will encourage the reapplication of hand sanitizers upon exiting the church. 


Upon leaving the church, persons/families should to go directly to their cars and not mingle in the parking lot.



  • The Adoration Chapel will remain closed until further notice.

  • The Cry Room is closed until further notice.

  • Baskets will be available in the narthex to drop any donation prior to Mass (no collection during Mass).

  • Votive candles are available for prayer intentions with the assistance of an usher.

  • There will be no holy water for blessing oneself.

  • At this time, we are not able to gather for hospitality before, during or after Mass on the campus. This includes, but is not limited to a pastoral greeting before or after Mass. Father Andy would love to chat and see how you're doing, he's just not able to do so at this time per diocesan directives.

  • There will be no hymnals, missals, bibles, prayer cards or any literature available in the pews. 

  • Please do your best to use the restroom at home before coming to Mass.

  • There will be no paper bulletins; bulletin is available on the parish website. 

  • While we celebrate the return to Mass, we must look forward to a later date at which time we can resume private prayer practices in the church. At this time, we are not able to resume common recitation of the following:

    • Rosary

    • Chaplet of Divine Mercy

    • First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    • Etc.



We will resume confessions, incrementally:

  • Saturday mornings at 


Our process for confessions is as follows:

  • After confession, as an act of charity toward others, there will be no penance prayers said in church. The faithful are asked to fulfill their penance once they leave the church. 



There is no specific timeline for how long these practices, once established, will stay in place. The situation is fluid and may change as directed by civic authorities and/or diocesan leadership. We will continually be assessing and evaluating the process, making improvements and changes as needed. It is an imperfect process, but a process nevertheless. We celebrate the return of public Masses, and remain both kind and patient with one another.


If you have any questions, you can email to


Thanks everybody, for your patience and your enthusiasm! This is a difficult time, a strange time, a demanding time! I look forward to the day we will all be together again.


As always, please reach out if you need anything. We're here for you. We miss you!

Under His Mercy

Fr. Andy Davy, MIC


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